Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

Our Mission Statement

Body in Balance massage is devoted to always putting our clients’ health and well- being first and to bring the benefits of massage to everyone no matter the size of their wallet. Our core foundation is built on research and the benefits of massage on the human body and to bring that knowledge to our clients.  

Our pledge to you


Do no harm. Help you feel better. Listen to your needs. Collaborate with you to achieve faster healing. Share our knowledge of the latest research being done on the benefits of massage. Serve our community through giving back.


How can we help?

We help with stress and relaxation / Headaches/Migraines/ Post-op therapy

Post-sports massage/ Carpel tunnel/ Frozen shoulder & shoulder soreness

Neck stiffness/Back pain/ Strains/Repetitive Use Syndrome/Prenatal massage



315 B First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach VA  23451

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